Unfolding the untold stories stories of FAMILY BUSINESS in India and how the NextGen is carrying this Legacy Forward. Exclusively on Aaj Tak HD

UBHARTA BHARAT; NextGen Leaders of India on Aaj Tak HD, would be the first- ever one of a kind documentary series that looks into the businesses run by families in India and how their heirs are carrying their legacies forward.

An initiative by The Catalysts, and in association with AAJ TAK HD the series is expected to reach approx 150 MN veiwers across the country.

When India and its business giants are talked about, a few prominent names come like the Tatas, Ambanis, Mittals, Goenkas, Bajajs, etc come to mind.

But there are scores of family businesses that have remained out of the front pages but have propelled their towns and cities from unlikely, disconnected hubs to pivotal spokes to the wheel that is the nation's economy. These companies constitute a significant amount – both in terms of numbers (79%)and in terms of their contribution to the economy.  But do the people of India know who these leaders are, their legacy, their businesses – their story?

The series would aim to unfold just that – showcase the untold stories of these QUITE TITANS. It would unravel the rich heritage of these organizations, responsible for creating global companies and how they have contributed to the progress of the Indian economy. It will also throw light on their business, their strategies and their traditions . Not only that, it will also showcase their Heirs and Heriesses who would carry these businesses forward into a new horizon of growth & success.

NextGen Leaders will travel across the country and feature 50 of the most inspiring stories on Family Business in India. It would be on air from May 2022 to September 2022.


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